Social Credit for the 21st century

Social Credit addresses the root cause of our economic problems – a money system based on debt

Virtually our entire money supply (97% in the UK) is created out of thin air by banks as Private Debt, enslaving both citizens and governments under crushing and impoverishing debt.

Our money system is designed and controlled by private interests that enrich the few while impoverishing the many.

This system imposes false scarcity and austerity – when there is no physical reason why that should be so.

If left unchecked, this grossly unjust system of money creation will result in:

  • increasing debt, public and private
  • prolonged economic stagnation
  • rising cost of living,
  • increasing poverty
  • economic and social collapse.

The Social Credit solution

We desperately need a money system fit for the 21st century – a stable and just money system for everyone, not just the privileged few.

Money must be based on social credit, not private debt.

Social Credit based economy will –

  • release the wealth that has been wrongly denied to us
  • end crippling debt (personal and public), income insecurity, homelessness and destitution
  • increase in working wages and a decrease in the cost of living
  • create real prosperity, more opportunities for all
  • sweep away overbearing, punishing and economically destructive taxation , (income tax, VAT, small business rates)
  • free the economy from debilitating debt, stagnation, and impending collapse

Welsh Social Credit

The worldwide Social (Social) Credit movement got started during the Great Depression before it was overshadowed and buried by WWII.

This long overdue relaunch of the Social Credit movement is based on the needs of Wales in the 21st century from a Welsh perspective.

Welsh Social Credit  is based on 3 core Principles

Economic Democracy
The basis of our economic system is money. The systems that creates and distributes money must be transparent, accountable, democratic and just. The current system of private money creation as debt is deceptive, destructive, unjust and undemocratic. There can be no justice while banks create and control our money supply enslaving people and governments in interest-bearing debt. The system that creates money as debt lies at the heart of our economic, social and environmental ills. It must be replaced.

Real Democracy
There is no such thing as “too much democracy”. There is no such thing as people having too much say over their own lives, individually and collectively. Only too little. Our “Representative Democracy” is neither very representative nor democratic.¬† Real democracy enables everyone to have meaningful participation in the decisions that effect our private and collective lives.

Free Speech
Freedom to think what we like and say what we think is the basis upon which all other social freedoms rest. There can be no limits to freedom of speech, or it is not free. Free Speech is the cornerstone of genuine democracy and our birthright. This freedom must be defended without compromise.

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