WSC Principles

Welsh Social Credit – 3 central Principles

1. Economic Justice

Economies must be free from the exploitative and wealth-extracting nature of banks and the financial sector at large if they are to prosper. Citizens must have protection from these predatory and destructive forces. An economy that works for people needs sufficient social credit to prosper and remain free from excessive debt.

2. Genuine Democracy

The current state of representative democracy in Wales is neither democratic nor representative enough. For a democracy to be democratic, citizens need to be able to participate in the political decision-making process, not remain as spectators looking in from the outside.

3. Freedom of Expression

Freedom of thought and speech is the basis on which all other social freedoms depend. Freedom to think what you want and say what you think is the cornerstone liberal democracy. Freedom of speech is either total or non-existent. No limits should be imposed on what we chose to think – and say what we think.

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