Genuine Democracy

Real democracy is a process, not an institution.

Here in Wales  our democracy has been institutionalised. Most decisions are imposed upon us with little, if any public consultation, and virtually no means to participate in any meaningful way in decision making.

We may champion and praise democratic values but don’t actually practice it very well. An elitist view to governance permits the UK and is replicated here in Wales.

Good governance must extend far beyond allowing the ability of the electorate to cast a vote every 4 to 5 years.  For real democracy we need to put the demos (people) back in cracy (power).

Genuine democracy – governance as if people mattered

“Of the best leaders, the people will say, we did it ourselves.” – Lao Tsu

We have confidence in the Welsh nation to make informed choices about decisions that effect our collective lives.

Best governments are facilitators of democratic decision-making, not simply controllers.

We want to open up government in an inclusive spirit of participatory democracy.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Decentralising more decision-making powers to the local level (such as planning permission).
  • Setting up forums both on-line and in communities where issues can be debated openly.
  • Greater use of referendums both locally and nation-wide on important issues.
  • Fostering a genuinely open society where all points of view, (even those bitterly opposed to each other), can be freely expressed without fear of recriminations.
  • Any other ideas that people come up to open up and improve democratic processes and garners wide support.

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